Mandatory CQC Training

Mandatory training is the training you are expected to provide for your staff following statutory requirements such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, requirements of your local authority, and the requirements specified by the CQC. All care organisations have a legal responsibility to provide staff with Health & Safety awareness training, including Fire Safety. Moving and Handling training is also mandatory and if staff are involved with preparing food or assisting at meal times then Food Safety and Hygiene training will also be mandatory.

Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia & Learning Disability, Mental Capacity (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS), PMVA/MAPA (for those working in mental health settings) Documentation and Record Keeping among others depending on your clients’ specific requirements or frameworks that you work with.

Mandatory for carers are: Falls training, Distress reaction training, Medication, Care plan training, Dementia training, End of life and pressure area care.

There is a difference between the courses that would be considered mandatory for your organisation and the courses you will need to provide in order to be able to issue a Care Certificate. To receive a Care Certificate, your staff member will need to train in and achieve minimum pass marks in ALL the 15 standards. For experienced care staff, this will mean updating their knowledge and experience with the new terminology and practices as appropriate. Any new recruits, who have never worked in social care before, will need to be trained in all 15 standards before you can award them a Care Certificate.

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